Dealer Digital Sophistication Program

Kia Canada Dealer Digital Sophistication Program Overview

Welcome to the Kia Canada Dealer Digital Sophistication Program. This program has been carefully crafted to assist our dealers in promoting and maximizing their digital presence.

The program connects you with the biggest names in Automotive Digital Marketing to provide you access to industry leading technologies with a variety of strategies and solutions.

There are several benefits to your dealership to use the solutions available as part of the Kia Digital Program, including:

  1. Allows dealers the choice to help customize their exact digital needs.
  2. All certified vendors have been reviewed and approved by Kia Canada.
  3. All certified vendors are reviewed regularly to ensure that they are delivering dealers superior performance.
  4. All vendor billing is applied to your parts statement automatically.
  5. You can cancel your services with 30-days’ notice, no long-term agreements.

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Website Program

Your dealership’s website platform is your online showroom and the first place that most of your customers will be introduced to your store. The choice of vendors allows you to develop a unique look and feel to differentiate your dealership and offers you the flexibility to customize your online presence with different templated designs.

Regardless of the vendor you choose, Kia will seamlessly integrate their latest campaign content, offers and incentives with your website to maintain a consistent message across tiers.

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Digital Advertising Program

Connecting to your customers online and creating a digital strategy is now essential and more important than ever before. The Kia Canada Dealer Digital Sophistication Program provides you with customized, cost-effective digital advertising packages and strategies that will help your dealership connect with your customers online.

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SEO Content Marketing Program

Today’s SEO is about creating high-quality, informative content that prioritizes potential car buyers over search engines. Google's Helpful Content Update emphasizes user experience and expertise along their journey to purchasing a new vehicle.

Partner with one of our SEO-approved vendors to take advantage of co-oppable, cost-effective SEO Content Marketing packages that include a minimum number of monthly, website-published, Kia-related content pages.

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