Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Shift Digital is a pioneering digital marketing company that provides innovative enterprise and retailer business solutions to help generate more sales at a lower cost. Shift Digital works with industry leading digital vendors to create and manage programs and marketing initiatives that increase traffic, leads, and conversion rates.

Shift Digital has been contracted by Kia Canada, to facilitate the launch and ongoing maintenance of the Kia Canada Dealer Digital Sophistication Program. This includes overseeing the negotiations, contracting and oversight of the vendors; ongoing account management; providing proactive and reactive ongoing dealer support, which includes, but is not limited to, analytics review, creative execution and website updates, vendor facilitation, dealer education; facilitating billing; tagging and analytics; defining the roadmap for future products and program additions.

The Kia Canada Dealer Digital Sophistication Program is a certified vendor program designed to provide Kia dealers access to the best digital marketing tools, at the best price for both websites and digital advertising packages.

  • Provide you with the choice of market-leading website and digital advertising vendors.
  • Complete insight into your digital performance, benchmarking, and best practices to promote continuous growth and conversion.
  • Quality reporting to help guide your investments and improve performance.
  • Industry-leading support with unbiased performance improvement recommendations through your Kia Canada Digital Consultant (KDC).
  • Innovative technologies and product roadmaps to keep you ahead of the competition.

Kia Canada expects all dealer partners to continue to follow the guidelines outlined in the program Co-op Policy.


  • Similar to the previous DWCP program, DDSP certification is considered mandatory effective from the launch date.
  • Dealers who sign-up with preferred vendors within 30 days of program launch are eligible for 66% Co-op for Calendar Year 2021. (Start Date for co-op eligibility is 1st May 2021)
  • To assist with the transition for dealers who are not currently with one of our certified vendors, dealers will have until Jan 1, 2022 to switch. However, all dealers will need to comply with the requirements/guidelines upon program start regardless of their existing vendor.
  • Co-op support for 2022 onwards is currently under review

Digital Advertising:

  • Dealers are not mandated to participate in DigAd element of program, but eligible for co-op if they do.
  • Currently, 66% of digital media can already be submitted for Co-op
  • Under the new program, 66% of vendor expenses and digital media spend can also be submitted for Co-op, subject that the dealer is using one of our certified vendors. Non-certified vendors do not qualify for co-op on vendors expenses.
  • Start Date for co-op eligibility is 1st May 2021
  • This is not a mandatory program; however, this program has an associated $50 program Dealer Charge which will start when the program launches.

To enroll in a product, simply click anywhere on this site that says, “Enroll Now” or Shopping Cart”. You will be taken to an enrollment portal and can select the product or service you would like to enroll in. Once you have submitted, you will receive a conformation email from the Kia Digital Consultant team to verify your enrollment.

Kia Canada has contracted directly with Shift Digital to manage the negotiations, contracting and vendor management of the Kia Canada Dealer Digital Sophistication Program vendors. Shift Digital holds the contracts for the vendors within the program, all of which are assignable to Kia Canada.

Dealers are not required to sign any contracts directly with the vendors in the program, as this process is handled through Shift Digital and agreed upon through the End User License Agreement (EULA).

The End User License Agreement (EULA) is an agreement between Shift Digital and the Dealer, which includes the terms and conditions of the program. The EULA includes, for example, payment terms, billing rules, and cancelation procedures. It also includes provisions regarding the use of the services throughout the program, enabling the service vendors selected by the dealer during enrollment to provide the services through the program.

All dealers will receive a Kia Digital Consultant (KDC) as part of this program. This resource is designed to help create and upload website assets as well as provide proactive monthly reporting on your site’s performance.

KDC’s are also available to answer question regarding lead delivery, digital advertising setup, billing, and insights into all the certified vendors and their offerings.

The KDC will be available to you regardless of the website vendor you choose and will continue to support you if you choose to switch vendor.

The KDC comes at no additional cost to the dealer.

There are no long-term contracts in the Kia Canada Dealer Digital Sophistication Program. The contract period for all programs and services is month-to-month to provide flexibility.

Shift Digital facilitates the collection and payment of the billing to and from the vendors. Shift Digital then passes that billing information to Kia Canada which allows Kia Canada to bill the dealers directly via their parts statement.

Products cancelled on or before the 10th of the month will be billed through the end of the month. Products cancelled after the 10th of the month will be billed through the end of the following month. Please submit any specific billing concerns to

Let your Kia Digital Consultant know you would like to switch vendors as soon as possible, preferably before the 10th of the month to avoid being double billed. Your Kia Digital Consultant will work with you, as well as the vendors, to establish a go dark date for the old site and a go live date for the new site, specifically for websites.

If you would like to unenroll in any of the products or services in the Kia Canada Dealer Digital Sophistication Program, please reach out to the Kia Digital Consultant team.

(833) 759-4665

Your KDC is available to assist in providing guidance for situations such as these. Please reach out to your KDC to discuss further.

(833) 759-4665

A brand-new website can take 8 to 12 weeks, from time of sign-up, to build and push live depending on the level of package selected and any additional a la carte items chosen. This timing is also dependent on the Dealer’s ability to review and approve their website in a timely manner, as well as if they already have a live website with a certified vendor.

No. Your dealership will not be without a website at any time during the process. Your KDC will ensure an appropriate and timely transition of your current website onto your certified vendor website, without any down time.

Yes. Dealers are free to use their existing URL, or an additional URL that they own.

Yes. Third party tools, such as chat, digital retailing, trade evaluations, etc., can be incorporated on all certified websites.

All leads from your certified website will continue to come to the dealers CRM.

Shift Digital will provide access to “Insight”, an online reporting portal that tracks various program metrics, both high level and advanced. These metrics will allow Dealers to monitor the progress of their selected program tools.