Digital Advertising Program

Digital Advertising Program

The Kia Digital Advertising Program provides digital advertising services and online strategies to drive more traffic to your websites.

We have partnered with ten certified digital advertising vendors (five of these also providing websites) to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level by boosting search engine marketing as well as display and video advertising strategies.

Each certified vendor provides a variety of strategies and solutions that can be customized to fit your dealership goals. Once you have selected a vendor, your Kia Digital Consultant will contact you directly to get started and is there to assist you every step of the way, regardless of the vendor you choose.

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360 Agency

360.Agency is one of the largest digital advertising agencies specialized for the automotive industry in Canada. We understand the complexity of the CUSTOMER’S JOURNEY when shopping for a new or used vehicle, as well as after-sales services.

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TRADER Corporation is the leading digital marketing partner for Canadian automotive retailers and manufacturers. As a Canadian success story since 1975, our mission is to help Canadian used and new car dealers reach more buyers every day. Our highly customizable first-rate dealer products and solutions, including TAdvantage Dealership Websites, Search Engine Optimization, Local Search Optimization as well as our All-in-One Digital Advertising Suite, drive qualified online and in-store traffic, generate quality leads, and, most importantly, boost inventory turns for our dealer partners.

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D2C Media

A Canadian leader in automotive dealer digital solutions, D2C Media is your trusted partner for delivering performance and complete transparency. With a core focus on digital sales, Websites, Digital Advertising, automotive CRM and Virtual BDC services, we strive to continuously help dealers maximize their return on investment.

We believe that dealers should leverage their data to make it a competitive advantage and we partner with an ecosystem of over 100 inventory syndication partners, most CRM’s, DMS’, Digital Retailing solutions, Credit and Trade solutions to provide a fully integrated solution to meet your specific needs.

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Bringing over 17 years of automotive experience, innovative technology and expertise in online marketing, EDealer is proud to be Kia Canada’s Certified Website & Digital Advertising Provider. Our solution is designed to provide a seamless customer experience, leading to amplified quality of leads and an increase in retail sales and profitability. We’re looking forward to working with your dealership.

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EZ Results

EZ Results delivers unmatched Digital Marketing ROI, we ensure our clients’ messages and lead generation opportunities are presented to potential buyers regardless if these buyers are in the active or passive cycle of the buying process.

We schedule a monthly call with our clients to go over all relevant campaign KPI. We also provide detailed reporting and facilitate co-op remittance.

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Now more than ever, taking a co-ordinated approach to digital advertising means everything. That is why we created Innocean Dealer Direct. A program that provides Tier 1 agency services directly to the Dealer level. Our dedicated team of specialists offer Dealers unique benefits only available through a partnership with Innocean including: Remarketing to visitors off the Corporate Website, Class Leading Speed to Market based on connection to OEM Incentives, Deeper Understanding of Your Business through Day-To-Day Interaction with KCI & Shared learnings across Tier 1 + Tier 2 + Tier 3 Campaigns.

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At Leadbox, dealership marketing is a blend of art and science.

We are as data-driven and technical as we are creative. The key to our success has been the blending of marketing strategy, creative messaging, and the ability to innovate with cutting-edge technology.

Unlike cookie-cutter advertising campaigns that treat all dealerships the same, Leadbox tailors each campaign, message, video, and promotional tactic to your dealership.

The result? Better clicks, better leads, and more sales than any templated marketing plan could hope to achieve.

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PureCars is in the business of transforming the way dealers and automotive marketers make decisions. Everyone claims to have data, but only PureCars has PURE™ Intelligence, giving dealers a competitive edge. By providing superior information and execution, we give dealers precisely what they need to operate more efficiently, lower their cost per sale and ROI -- and win in their market. PureCars has been serving the automotive industry exclusively since 2007. We are a certified digital provider for Kia Digital USA and serve 65 of the top 100 dealer groups in North America.

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sMedia focuses on reducing your cost per sale and increasing your total sales opportunities. Getting started with sMedia is completely risk free. We first offer you a no-cost, no-commitment 30-day trial to prove what our solutions can do. If you see value after the trial, we then offer you low introduction pricing on a full-service package for the next 6-months. During this time we can test solutions and determine what marketing mix will get you to your dealership goals. The best part is that there is never any commitment, meaning you can cancel at any time!

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Stream Companies

Our motto is Do the Ordinary Extraordinarily Well, and our team members truly live by this philosophy. Our clients are treated like partners, with a high level of communication, an absolute transparency, and an aggressive pursuit of mutually set KPIs. We lead with a strong creative effort by ensuring your business has a strong brand that set’s you apart and delivers retail traffic. We view our strategies with a holistic approach that looks at the big picture and ensures we have strategies in place to focus on retention, conquest, and fixed-ops.

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