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By choosing EDealer as your Digital Advertising partner, you can expect collaboration with a passionate team, motivated to pursue high standards in everything that we do. We strike a balance between leaning on our own experience as a provider in the automotive vertical while also embracing the advancements in technology and thought leadership in the digital advertising space overall.

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Search Advertising

Platforms such as Google and Bing.

Prime chance to gain visibility in search results pages over competitors. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) matches user intent in their moments of searching and decision-making with highly relevant, tailored ad copy. Leverages a multitude of tools, including AI, to improve budget efficiency and dynamically insert real-time inventory data into ads. Offers the ability to see exactly what users typed when they clicked your ads, springing other ideas for keyword and content strategy.

Display Advertising

Platforms such as Google, Microsoft, and programmatic networks.

Leverages a vast network of websites on which your ads can reach new users, retarget site visitors, and build awareness. Guide users along the purchase funnel with a multi-step retargeting strategy. Improved brand familiarity reduces friction in the user journey and improves cost per lead at point of conversion.

Social Advertising

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Accomplish several business goals at once: build branding, drive traffic, increase following, generate leads directly in the ads. Leverages detailed interest & demographic targeting options, plus retargeting and customer list matching. Amuse & engage potential customers with custom or dynamic inventory ads while they are receptive and in the mood to discover. Interactive & engaging ad formats delivered seamlessly in user feeds, giving them the option to share or tag friends.

Video Advertising

Platforms such as YouTube.

Take advantage of a cost-effective window of opportunity to tell your story and pitch to high-value users. Showcases vivid and compelling creative to users who are looking to watch video (as opposed to dismissing pop-up video on other websites). Offers a variety of available ad inventory, both skippable and unskippable, and options to be charged per impression, click, or view. Access to an ever-expanding pool of users, with advanced targeting options such as search terms, topics, interests, demographics, and remarketing.

Dealer Support

Our support system in place is quick and efficient, allowing us to resolve 97% of support tickets in 24 hours or less. Our Kia VIP team ensures you are working with the same representatives on each request which provides faster turnarounds and less back and forth.

20:1 Dealer to Support Ratio

To ensure speed and efficiency, we have a ratio of 20 dealers to a support representative on hand at all times.

Tailored Packages

Our packages are tailored to your needs. We include customization hours in our packages coupled with user friendly tools which keeps your bill consistent to avoid any surprises.