Website Program & Add Ons

Website Program & Add Ons

The Kia Canada Dealer Digital Sophistication Program has been designed to provide dealers with the choice of industry leading website vendors. We have partnered with five website vendors, to offer you the flexibility to select which vendor best suits your needs.

Each website platform will present your website with a unique look and feel, and will offer templates, allowing you to customize your online presence. Regardless of the vendor you choose, Kia will seamlessly integrate their latest campaign content, offers and incentives with your website to maintain a consistent message across tiers.

Once a website vendor is chosen, your Kia Digital Consultant will contact you directly to get started and is there to assist you every step of the way, regardless of the vendor you choose.

Choose Your Vendor

360 Agency

The Power to Drive Forward. 360 Agency is a leading agency in the field of integrated and innovative solutions for connected car dealerships. We are a multidisciplinary agency of enthusiasts and experts grouped together from five companies, working together, to help your dealership achieve its goals and objectives to find success. From ecommerce websites to powerful management software, we create solutions to consolidate your physical and virtual automobile dealerships. Drop by our agency to refuel your business and propel your sales

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AutoSync, a division of TRADER Corporation, is a suite of modern, connected automotive software solutions that bring your digital advertising, online conversion, and in-store operational efforts together for unrivalled results. We help dealerships increase the effectiveness of their sales efforts, the efficiency of their processes, and the profitability of their business.

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D2C Media

A Canadian leader in automotive dealer digital solutions, D2C Media is your trusted partner for delivering performance and complete transparency. With a core focus on digital sales, Websites, Digital Advertising, automotive CRM and Virtual BDC services, we strive to continuously help dealers maximize their return on investment.

We believe that dealers should leverage their data to make it a competitive advantage and we partner with an ecosystem of over 100 inventory syndication partners, most CRM’s, DMS’, Digital Retailing solutions, Credit and Trade solutions to provide a fully integrated solution to meet your specific needs.

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Bringing over 17 years of automotive experience, innovative technology and expertise in online marketing, EDealer is proud to be Kia Canada’s Certified Website & Digital Advertising Provider. Our solution is designed to provide a seamless customer experience, leading to amplified quality of leads and an increase in retail sales and profitability. We’re looking forward to working with your dealership.

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Tier Six (Add Ons)

At Tier Six, we specialize in elevating dealerships' online presence with precision-targeted SEO strategies that deliver measurable, impactful results. Our commitment to excellence and innovation keeps our entire team ahead of the dynamic digital landscape, ensuring that all Kia dealerships that choose Tier Six will benefit from advanced, custom-tailored solutions designed to maximize online traffic and sales. We prioritize trust, transparency, and lasting partnerships, making us not just a provider, but a dedicated extension of your team. Partner with Tier Six and transform your digital footprint into your greatest asset.

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