Engineered for Results. Designed to be Individualized.

Create the demand and generate the lead. Leadbox campaigns leverage the most effective types of advertising technology on all of the major channels to generate better engagement and, ultimately, better leads.

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Your cars. Your campaigns.

What works at one dealership doesn't necessarily mean it'll work at another.

Leadbox campaigns are designed to cater to the needs of your specific dealership. We understand that dealers in metro areas have different needs than dealers in rural areas, that the west coast speaks differently than the east coast, and that the messaging to market pick-up trucks is different from that of an import crossover.

Ad Tech that engages. Traffic that converts.

Inventory-Based Ad Technology

Car shoppers want to go to your website for one thing - to see your inventory. Connect your inventory to Leadbox's ad technology to enable inventory based dynamic advertising on all digital platforms.

All the channels. All the ad types.

Car shoppers are everywhere, and so are we. Leadbox creates digital advertising for car shoppers during crucial parts of their car-buying journey.

Leadbox brings highly engaged car shoppers to your website by reaching consumers with the "Right Message" at the "Right Time" using industry-leading technology and partnering with the largest companies in Digital Marketing.

Strategic messaging. Creative creative.

Unique Selling Proposition creation

What makes your dealership stand out? Excellent service? Low prices? Largest Inventory? Join the club. Leadbox understands all dealerships are unique but many dealerships have a difficult time communicating their unique selling proposition. Every Leadbox campaign includes a strategy session that dives deep into your dealership's operations to create and distill the answer to “what makes you different”.

Creative Design

Every display or Facebook ad campaign includes Leadbox's visual design services to create all of your ad's creative graphics needs. From static Facebook ad creative to dynamic inventory video ads and everything in between, Leadbox's inclusive service allows you to showcase your dealership your way.

Digital Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what video can do. Truly showcase your dealership with Leadbox digital video production.