Efficient, Effective, and Evolved

Dealers are always looking for an edge to capitalize on every opportunity, and to do so as cost-effectively as possible. The most successful dealerships also look for opportunities to stay ahead of the digital curve, constantly evolving. Our primary goal is to empower dealers with the tools and advice that enable them to accomplish their current goals, and confidently plan for future ones.

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Data + Attribution - Business Intelligence

sMedia has a new Attribution Platform that improves on some of the best features of competing attribution platforms, and takes it to the next level. Everything starts with data. But is your data collected accurately? Does it come from YOUR source of truth? Can you actually leverage the information for immediate real world impacts? DataSherpa can.

We audit and repair your data collection, and keep it current. We customize reporting to your specific goals, update your goals when needed, and provide a data story that empowers you to improve your ROI, and your customer experience.

The sMedia Advantage

At sMedia, we’re not the set it and forget types. We are constantly striving to improve our products to make them perform better for our clients, and improve the experience for your shoppers. We have automotive specific scrapping and crawling tech that enhances the ad experience and ad performance. Regular Performance Reviews with your Customer Success Manager are not about our results, they are about your outcomes. Your feedback is not only valued, it might be a future product feature. Whether it’s agnostic consolidated reporting you can trust, or innovative lead generation, sMedia delivers.

Simple Pricing Structure

We’ve restructured our offerings to provide more value for dealers. Our packages are platform based, offering the best dynamic ads from Meta, Google, or Microsoft. Our fees are flat +4.99% on ad spend, so we are not incentivized to increase your ad spend. Our products are month to month with a 30 day cancellation policy. We want you stay with us not because you have to, but because you are consistently receiving maximum value and performance.