Data-based decision making to reach your sales targets.

sMedia helps dealerships accomplish two things: reduced cost per sale and increasing total sales opportunities. Using our proprietary technology, we can easily identify where your sales opportunities are coming from today, what is performing for your dealership, and highlight areas for cost savings. As an efficiency vendor, our primary goal will be to help you predictably reach sales targets at the lowest possible cost, using a data-based statistical approach.

Packages and Pricing Dealer Webinar Enroll Now

30-day No Cost Trial

Let us put our money where our mouth is. Giving you $100 in ad-spend, we let you try our products for 30-days. At the end of this 30-day period, we examine how our Engaged Prospect Metric will provide value for your dealership. We examine how your current marketing efforts are performing, and where improvements can be made.

Ignition Package

Get access to all sMedia’s solutions for one low introductory price for a guaranteed 6-months. This introductory package will allow you to try every solution to determine what works for your specific dealership. After the 6-month period you’ll be moved into a full package that suits your needs and budget (e.g. Turbocharge, Supercharge, etc.). The best part is that there is never any commitment, meaning you can cancel at any point!

Accelerator Package

Designed specifically for smaller dealerships, the accelerator package allows your dealership to compete with larger competitors on Facebook and Google at a low price that works within your budget.

Engaged Prospect Metric

The backbone behind all of our product offerings. The Engaged Prospect Metric is a proprietary metric that determines if a customer is shopping a dealership’s inventory with purchase intent using hundreds of behavioural indicators that have a proven strong correlation to sales. It takes the guesswork out of whether or not a campaign is working or not, and shows you in a matter of minutes the performance of your marketing strategy.

No Contracts and Flat Fee Structure

In an industry filled with contract after contract from various vendors we want to ensure that we are delivering value to the dealership month after month. In conjunction with this philosophy we don’t set up our pricing structure around the dealership’s ad spend so we aren’t incentivized to spend money on advertising when that might not be the best decision. All our pricing is based on a flat fee structure to ensure that billing is predictable, and our strategy is aligned with your goals in mind.

Dedicated Customer Success Team

Industry experts from around the automotive and sales industry make up our customer success team. You will be given a dedicated customer success manager who is committed to one thing only: reaching your objectives. Our customers meet with us month-after-month for personalized performance review meetings, and determine your roadmap for success.